Volker Jahns

Founder and CEO Volker Jahns firmly believes that innovation drives growth and that his company, SEMYOU, is the tip of the innovation spear.  Indeed, SEMYOU is poised to quickly become the cloud office of the future.

Before making his mark as CEO in the IT and banking sectors, Mr. Jahns studied computer science and business economics and amassed 25 years of experience in projects ranging from development to consulting.  In fact, it was during his tenure as CEO of a consulting company that Mr. Jahns first had the idea for SEMYOU.

“Many of our clients had the same needs but the technology wasn’t there to make them a reality,” Mr. Jahns said.  “With my training and experience in the IT industry, I was able to conceive of a way to bring both factors – client needs and developing technology – together in one solution.”

With a vision and a clear target, Mr. Jahns started SEMYOU in 2007 and, through much hard work, overcame obstacles, and built the company into a global leader in the cloud computing market.