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    Jun 2015

    SEMYOU Announces Release Of Over 30 Cloud-Applications For Enterprises This Year Alone

    by  Sofia Anderson

SEMYOU is a leading global cloud company with a vast amount of experience in developing business cloud applications. With the new era ushering in all types of technologically advanced equipment, it's only right that semYOU keeps the digital world just as current with new and cutting edge cloud-based business applications.

SEMYOU is making news once again with the expected release of new cloud based applications for enterprises to reach over 30, making 2015 a record breaking year for the advancement of cloud computing as a whole. SEMYOU was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become a global leader in everything computer based from simple cloud computing all the way to the development of highly unique apps.

During a recent trade show, the CEO of SEMYOU, Volker Jahns, was quoted as saying, "We want to provide our customers a wide range of Apps for each business requirement - just one click away. The new products are varied and cover different sections from the daily enterprise business....they are suitable for start-ups, mid-size companies and Enterprise businesses."

It is clear that SEMYOU has taken significant steps to enhance their "global footprint" and have added a large amount of cloud services to their already robust company. According to the company spokesperson for SEMYOU, they have developed new applications for several core business sections like CRM and ERP. SEMYOU has also publicly stated that they are open to collaboration with other mediums to create the best possible user experience.

SEMYOU has grown leaps and bounds and has the competition in the cloud-computing world standing-up and taking notice. Consumers and businesses alike have indicated that the semYOU brand is a brand that they enjoy using and feel safe relying on for their business needs.