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    Jun 2015

    SEMYOU Announces Strategic Alliance With New Global Partners In Effort To Bring Innovative Solutions To Emerging Markets

    by  Sofia Anderson

SEMYOU, a leading global provider of Cloud-Service solutions, has announced that they have entered into new strategic alliance partnership agreements with several companies in a bid to expand their global "online" footprint. According to an anonymous source, SEMYOU is currently in negotiations with several telecommunications firms based in Germany, which will further cement their standing in the cloud-computing sector.

During a recent trade show, the CEO of SEMYOU, Volker Jahns was quoted as saying, "By continuing to build a strong network of preferred cloud-service provider (hardware) partners, we can offer our clients access to additional sources of expert services as well as private cloud integrations and enhance the capabilities of cloud-services from semYOU." When asked why he intends to expand so quickly, Volker Jahns stated, "We are expanding to meet the demands of our clients. We aim to reduce the time and costs involved with getting into the cloud with high security aspects."

SEMYOU, an already successful cloud-computing business, took the steps necessary and has entered into agreements with new partners that specialize in Cloud-Computing regarding Hardware, Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform (PaaS).

SEMYOU's new platform is being considering a next generation cloud service by some because of the ability for each cloud to be stored privately and securely. In a world where security breaches are common, most consumers want to be ensured that their data will be stored safely and securely. The company spokesperson was also quoted as saying, "With the new bride partner network the customers all over the world has the opportunity to choose a private cloud from semYOU next to their location. They can choose where their data will be stored."

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