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    Jul 2015

    SEMYOU Announces New Partnership With IBM

    by  Sofia Anderson


“The partnership with IBM is really important for us to ensure our customers a high quality in availability of our Servers, Hardware and Storage. IBM is our strategic partner in Germany for Managing our Server-Availability and Secureness."

SEMYOU announces a new partnership with IBM: A secure partnership for a successful future in cloud-computing. SEMYOU offers with their Cloud office suite the opportunity to use different enterprise applications on demand anytime and anywhere. Through the wide portfolio of SEMYOU Cloud Apps, each company can find the right app for their requirements – with no big investments. Due the high security standards of SEMYOU and the technologies that are used with the apps, SEMYOU announced a new partnership with IBM. IBM will handle the Infrastructure and Hardware for the SEMYOU Cloud Services.

The partnership with IBM is really important for them to ensure their customers a high quality in availability of their Servers, Hardware and Storage. IBM is their strategic partner in Germany for managing their Server-Availability and Secureness. At the end of 2015, and the start of 2016, SEMYOU will offer the opportunity to use the Cloud-Services as a private cloud, which means each customer can create a private SemYou Cloud. IBM plays a main role in our operations as they enable us to offer such services worldwide with different data-center locations. SemYou wants to give our customers the flexibility to use the SEMYOU Services based on their location as a private cloud.

The partnership between SemYou and IBM means that firms of all sizes can take advantage of entering the world of Cloud Computing with the knowledge that they do not have to worry about data breaches, and other security problems. Only the highest security protocols are employed with the SemYou platform. This translates to huge savings in overhead expenses in that firms do not have to invest in hardware that is not required due to the Cloud SaaS services. Also, it is not necessary to purchase huge software applications that take up memory on their servers, just to have access to a module or two. The SemYou App Store makes starting, performing and completing tasks easy as pie.