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    Oct 2015

    SEMYOU Supports The Future of “Internet of Things“

    by  Sofia Anderson

That buzzword is on everyone's lips and represents the future of businesses and the way they will work in this digital age, and which services they will use.

SEMYOU is a cloud service provider for enterprise applications. With the different cloud services, SemYou offers a variety of enterprise apps over their app store for each requirement that a business needs. SEMYOU offers with their service concept – today – the “Internet of Things”, based on SaaS (Software as a Service) and gives the flexibility and scalability to each company to use the right service for the right requirements – whenever needed, wherever needed. “Just one click away, everything is connected and we will provide in the upcoming year a wide range of new SEMYOU Cloud APPS for managing this information and communicate with different devices around your business”, Volker Jahns, CEO of SEMYOU said.

To handle the “Internet of Things”, there must be systems and platforms available on the back-end, and applications to handle this information and data. SEMYOU offers a set of tools which companies can easily access via the SEMYOU app store. This is clearly the future of cloud computing, but available today. SemYou is the first IT developer to offer such an array of applications that cover every sector of an enterprise’s business needs. Everything is scalable, thus creating a savings over using funds to install programs to only use a certain module, or to install expensive hardware when cloud computing means this is not required.

With SemYou behind businesses, they can enter the world of cloud computing without having to worry about the inherent security risks. Their Enterprise APP Store has everything for Communication, Collaboration and Management. Constant updating means users can react faster to market changes. The way most IT departments in most firms are set-up makes it very involved and costly to integrate a new system for a collaboration with a new business partner. All that is changed when SemYou is introduced into the equation. Easy to establish remote partners with ease, and in a secure environment.

The SemYou App Store is all about providing “Different Strokes, For Different Folks”. Their suite of specialized apps makes it easy to focus on the task at hand without being exposed to all sorts of extraneous information. This means that a small start-up can employ just one simple APP, e.g. Project-Manager. Setting up an account has never been easier. Users have access to their own Administration Panel which enables them to manage their entire Cloud-Office while also having complete access to the SEMYOU specialized Apps.