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    Dec 2015

    SEMYOU Presents New Cloud App For Contract Management

    by  Sofia Anderson

SEMYOU presents a new cloud application for businesses  which enables efficient contract management. This is contract management from within the cloud. With sem.Contract, it is now possible to manage contracts, suppliers and customers directly in one easy to use application. Get a general overview about the contracts, deadlines, dollar amounts and customers. Manage all contracts of the business in one central place. This includes: Contracts, Customers, People, Tasks, Risks, and Changes, and get access from everywhere. No missing deadlines or review dates with sem.Contract.

sem.Contract contains a multitude of functions for efficient contract management and guarantees end-to-end overview of contracts, costs, transactions, customers, contacts, and amendments. Simple to complex contracts with dependencies can be easily administered in sem.Contract and are always available to a select group of employees. This feature rich application will empower Administrators with: To-Do Lists: Each Kanban Board can be configured individually and thus be adapted to existing processes, Traceably administer all of a contract's amendments. Various versions of a contract can be easily stored and are quickly available as needed, Archiving: Archived contracts are accessible via a separate area and are segregated from active business. Create one-time or repetitive reminders for a specific date, or associate this with a milestone such as contract completion, Notes: such as those for suppliers or contracts, can be created and stored at various levels in sem.Contract, Track: invoices/transactions  relating to contracts, so that you can evaluate which suppliers comply with contractual conditions and which ones violate them, and more.

With over thirty apps available in the SEMYOU App Store, choosing the right application for the right task is guaranteed. Create a free 30-day trial of this application. Only pay for what is needed, not for a total software package just to utilize a module or two. sem.Contract pricing plans start from $5/Month/User. SEMYOU makes it easy to enter the world of Saas Cloud computing in a secure environment. No need to be worried about data breaches or hardware crashes. SEMYOU employs only the highest level security protocols so that users can concentrate on their work product and not be overly concerned about security issues.