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    Jan 2016

    SEMYOU Presents New Cloud App For Idea Management

    by  Sofia Anderson

Be innovative with sem.IDEA from SEMYOU. Generate new ideas and increase business performance by employees.

SEMYOU presents a new cloud application called sem.IDEA, for efficient idea management. Businesses today need a high degree of flexibility and scalability in order to improve their processes and workflows. They must be up to date on a daily basis to be able to compete. A business must always strive to improve their market position.
With the Cloud App sem.IDEA from SEMYOU, existing ideas of employees can be collected and rated to increase performance in different areas of the company.

Management is mostly blind to the issues at the operative levels which ultimately cost a lot of time and money. With a central idea management system, all ideas from all employees can be collected, rated by everybody and approved. sem.IDEA makes it easy to manage multiple ideas in one application, manage challenges marked for specific time period, create reports and analysis about the ideas and ratings, and it is user friendly.

SEMYOU Idea Management

sem.IDEA offers many functions for the efficient idea management of any company and it represents an intuitive platform for the acquisition, management and evaluation of ideas and suggestions. In a few steps, each visitor can provide new ideas and suggestions for products, functions or processes which are now available for general evaluation. Using the “evaluation function” , each user can evaluate each suggestion anonymously, which generates a total ranking for which filters and ranking can be applied. The ideas with the best evaluation and the ones that are read most are separately highlighted in the overall overview, which provides a fast overview about innovative ideas.

With over thirty apps available in the SEMYOU App Store, choosing the right application for the right task is guaranteed. Only pay for what is needed, not for a total software package just to utilize a module or two. SEMYOU makes it easy to enter the world of Saas Cloud computing in a secure environment. No need to be worried about data breaches or hardware crashes. SEMYOU employs only the highest level security protocols so that users can concentrate on their work product and not be overly concerned about security issues.