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    Mar 2016

    SEMYOU Presents New Cloud App For Project-Time-Logging

    by  Sofia Anderson

SEMYOU presents this new cloud application for businesses in order to manage project times easily. Every business has one or more projects running where their employees are involved. Now it is possible to plan multiple projects with one single application. Easy to plan projects with a budget and time consideration with sem.ProjectTimer. Log exactly the time expended by employees, and for which project they are working on. Users can easily manage their employees, and assign them to different projects. The app provides a general overview about all projects and the time spent as well as the available time for completion. Users have at hand full Statistical Analysis about projects and tasks.

The company reports that sem.ProjectTimer has many features not found in other applications. All employees can easily record their work hours by project and task via a central application. A constant overview of the available budget and the hours performed enables precise control of projects. Administrators can very quickly query a current status of budget, hours and employees via the integrated dashboard. All entered bookings must be manually approved by an authorized person at month's end. As with all SEMYOU Apps, all that is required is to fire-up the web browser and a simple click of the mouse starts the application. This is the world of SEMYOU SaaS Cloud Apps, where it is not necessary to install any hardware or download any memory consuming applications.

Over 30 apps are available in the SEMYOU App Store, and this means choosing the right application for the right task. Pay for what is needed, not for a total software package just to utilize a module or two. SEMYOU makes it easy to enter the world of Saas Cloud computing in a secure environment. No need to be worried about data breaches or hardware crashes. SEMYOU employs only the highest level security protocols so that users can concentrate on their work product and not be overly concerned about security issues.