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    Mar 2016

    SEMYOU Presents New Cloud App For MindMap-Graphics

    by  Sofia Anderson

Ideas are easy to visualize in the cloud with sem.MindMap.

SEMYOU was pleased to announce their new Cloud Application for MindMap Graphics. Sem.MindMap is an SaaS Cloud Application from SEMYOU which allows users to create MindMap graphics directly online in their web-browser. No Installation or Download required, just one Click Away. Brings another dimension to ideas and thoughts. Create MindMap graphics, visualize ideas, visualize complex issues, create a clear structure of projects or modules with simple graphics. With sem.MindMap, users can create MindMaps Graphics in seconds from anywhere, anytime. It can be saved in the SEMYOU Cloud and shared with employees or customers.

A company spokesperson explains some of the benefits: “Gives every employee the opportunity to create MindMap charts, easily and share with teams or departments of the business. Export it is as graphics. Control the tracking to see who made any changes to anything on the map – work together with a lot of people on one mindmap.” Sem.MindMap is just one Step to bringing one’s office into the Cloud, the SEMYOU Cloud Office. Beside sem.MindMap, SEMYOU offers 30+ other Cloud-Apps for business. Check it out in the SEMYOU App-Store and Create a free 30-day trial of this application. Sem.MindMap pricing plans start from $5 / Month / User.

SemYou has an extremely unique platform having internally developed over thirty Cloud applications covering all requirements of a business. SemYou is in the premier position to offer exactly what the client requires to get the job done. Because they are an SaaS Cloud provider, their clients can save money because they do not have to install more software then they need, or to invest funds into hardware that isn't really required. One important feature is that their platform is scalable. This means it makes sense for both the small startup and also large enterprise