Cloud Office

  • Central administration center
  • semYOU App Store
  • License management
  • Manage users & groups
  • Company forums, pages, chat
  • More than 25 SEMYOU
  • applications for your business
  • Highest security standards
  • Encrypted data storage & communcation
  • Secure access (IP restriction)
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Central view via app widgets

Securely store your files online.

Manage your SEMYOU Cloud Office centrally and securely from anywhere!
User, group, license and application management can be easily and intuitively carried out via the Cloud APP sem.CloudOffice.sem.CloudOffice is the central communication unit of your Cloud Office, providing access to all SEMYOU applications (APPS), in addition to administrative options, and contains a wide range of collaborative tools for employees, customers and partners.

We Take You Securely into the Cloud! One service, many options. Save on IT costs, increase your flexibility and efficiency and steel yourself for the future of information technology.


Feature Overview

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    Central administration center

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    semYOU App Store

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    License management

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    Manage users & groups

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    Company forums, pages, chat

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    More than 25 SEMYOU applications for your business

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    Highest security standards

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    Encrypted data storage & communication

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    Secure access (IP restriction)

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    Flexible & scalable

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    Central view via app widgets



  • Company Forums

    Create internal company forums for projects, teams or products and share them with employees, partners or customers, centrally and securely via your Cloud Office.

  • Company Chat

    The semYOU Cloud Office provides an integrated chat function, so that all Cloud Office users can securely communicate internally with each other. Central communication among users is possible without installation or download.

  • Individual "Pages"

    Using the "pages" function, individual "pages" on products, projects or customers can be created which represent independent and closed areas. In addition to forums, blogs and Wikis, each page includes a customized layout and flexible access rights, so that they can be shared only with specific groups of people.

  • Company Wiki

    With the integrated Wiki, customized Wiki pages can be created within the company, such as corporate information, product details or process descriptions, which can then be shared directly and centrally with all authorized people.

  • Administration

    In addition to the actual APP usage, the SEMYOU Cloud Office is also the administration center, with which the entire SEMYOU Cloud Office can be managed. Centrally and intuitively manage users, groups, licenses, etc.


    The desktop of SEMYOU Cloud Office is the central source of information for all users. All available SEMYOU applications and the related widgets are clearly displayed. The "messages," "profile," "company page," etc. areas can also be quickly reached via the toolbar.

  • On Demand

    Thanks to the great flexibility of the semYOU – Cloud – Office, it is possible to make sem.Workspace available to employees ad hoc and to thereby have an environment in which internationally distributed teams can collaborate.

  • Simple & Intuitive

    Like all applications from semYOU, semCalendar is also intuitive in operation and can be put to productive use right away. The comprehensible and modern user interface eliminates the need for long familiarization periods or training.

  • Single Sign On

    The single sign-on function is an integral component of all applications of the semYOU Cloud Office and enables the interdisciplinary utilization of all semYOU applications with only one login. It makes no difference whether the applications are started via web browser or comfortably via a desktop link.

  • Access From Anywhere

    Permanent availability is the primary premise of semYOU. sem.Calendar is a purely cloud-based application in the semYOU environment and enables worldwide and independent access.

semYOU Integration

sem.Workpace is full integrated in the semYOU Cloud Office. Use other apps, share your information,
manage your user centralized from everywhere. Always ready when you are !

  • grafic_user_group
    User & Groups

    Manage your user and groups centralized over the control panel

  • grafic_20-other-Apps
    20 other enterprise
    APPS from semYOU

    semYOU contains 20 enterprise apps which you can use on demand

  • grafic_centralized_administration

    Administrate your cloud office from everywhere centralized over one control panel

  • grafic_one-service.
    One Service,
    many possibilities

    semYOU offers different possibilities for growing your business

  • grafic_flexible.

    Be flexible with semYOU. Use just these steps which you need

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