• Create database online in seconds
  • Utilize central online database
  • restrict access on the individual level
  • Design customized input forms
  • Design customized analyses
  • Create customized queries/views

Securely store your files online.

sem.DB is a cloud application that can be employed for a variety of uses, providing great flexibility. Create databases online in just a few seconds!
Every company has a multitude of different activities, both on the management as well as the operational level, which are essentially always based on a multitude of information. Specific software doesn't always exist in the company for all processes or activities, so that cost-effective and efficient work is not optimally possible.

Create a customized database in seconds and make it available securely in the cloud to your colleagues, customers or business partners!


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Feature Overview

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    Create database online in seconds

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    Utilize central online database

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    Restrict access on the individual level

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    Design customized input forms

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    Design customized analyses

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    Create customized queries/views



  • data-information

    Create databases online

    Quickly and easily create various online databases (APPS) from anywhere for your colleagues, teams, customers or partners. Specify the data formats that are saved, how the input screens appear and who gets what access.

  • View-Incident

    Customized views

    It is possible to create different views for every online database (APP). Every view can include customized columns or content and be made accessible to a selected group of people. Every employee / team / group etc. sees only that content which is intended for them.

  • Note-Information

    Input forms

    Define customized input forms in just a few seconds and make them available to selected people directly. Multiple input forms can be created for one online database (APP), such as for departments, customers, etc.

  • Graph-02


    Various analyses can be individually created via every online database (APP). Using an wizard, it is possible to generate simple to complex analyses of the data inventory. The results are attractively displayed via pie, line or bar charts.

  • Folder-Settings-03

    Access management

    Specify which people can access what data. Flexible access management allows access rights to be assigned on various levels, such as configuration, view, form or evaluation levels.

  • Earth-Node

    Use forms publicly

    Every input form can be used privately or publicly on the Internet. Public use occurs solely by integrating a URL to a website which calls the form. Survey, contact or job application data can thus be saved directly to a database.

  • Clock(4)

    On Demand

    Thanks to the great flexibility of the semYOU – Cloud – Office, it is possible to make sem.Workspace available to employees ad hoc and to thereby have an environment in which internationally distributed teams can collaborate.

  • Cursor(4)

    Simple & Intuitive

    Like all applications from semYOU, semCalendar is also intuitive in operation and can be put to productive use right away. The comprehensible and modern user interface eliminates the need for long familiarization periods or training.

  • Key-Access-01(4)

    Single Sign On

    The single sign-on function is an integral component of all applications of the semYOU Cloud Office and enables the interdisciplinary utilization of all semYOU applications with only one login. It makes no difference whether the applications are started via web browser or comfortably via a desktop link.

  • Cloud-Public-01(4)

    Access From Anywhere

    Permanent availability is the primary premise of semYOU. sem.Calendar is a purely cloud-based application in the semYOU environment and enables worldwide and independent access.

semYOU Integration

sem.Workpace is full integrated in the semYOU Cloud Office. Use other apps, share your information,
manage your user centralized from everywhere. Always ready when you are !

  • grafic_user_group
    User & Groups

    Manage your user and groups centralized over the control panel

  • grafic_20-other-Apps
    20 other enterprise
    APPS from semYOU

    semYOU contains 20 enterprise apps which you can use on demand

  • grafic_centralized_administration

    Administrate your cloud office from everywhere centralized over one control panel

  • grafic_one-service.
    One Service,
    many possibilities

    semYOU offers different possibilities for growing your business

  • grafic_flexible.

    Be flexible with semYOU. Use just these steps which you need

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