• Easy expense administration
  • Central overview of all expenses and reimbursement
  • Live evaluation through applications and reimbursement
  • Centrally and safe in the SEMYOU-Cloud
  • Access from anywhere

Cloud based expense adminisration

Easy and safe Safe cloud expense administration with sem.EasyExpense.Administer the expenses of your employees centrally and evaluate them individually on a monthly or quarterly basis via diagrams and reports.Using an integrated approval process,all expense applications are assigned automatically to a workflow and must be approved or rejected by an authorized person.


The central dashboard displays the information to all employees life and clearly arranged through a variety of diagrams,this includes this month's/year's expenses applications,application status or the sum of the total reimbursements Each diagram can be enlarged or reduced individually,which permits a more detailed view.



The approval area is only accessible to those user who were declared as a authorized persons.All expense applications will be displayed in this area to the assigned employee,which can now be approved or rejected. Additional,predefined filers permit an easy and fast navigation,even for a large number of expense applications. By selecting an expense application it is possible to use the contexct menu to display information such as file appendices taxes or comments.

Create and administer expense applications

The "Expense Application" area provides a general overview about all expense applications and their status and enables the additional filling of an application.New applications can be filled in this area through a few steps and they are directly available to the authorized person for approval. Receipt and invoice can easily be saved as appendices during the application or they can be recorded directly through the camera function.Through an additional allocation for type category and project,which can be configured through the administration interface,it is possible to clearly identify the expense application in the approval process and to correctly interpret them during the aggregated application. Predefined filters are available for the fast navigation in one's own expense applications such as "All Expense application","Open applications","Approved applications","Rejected applications","Paid applications","open reimbursements".


sem.EasyExpense can be administered centrally and easily by using the administration console. Categories,expense types,taxes,currencies and projects can be established and administered based on the column "Setting". An additional evaluation area permits the easy and fast evaluation of all saved data. Only a few steps are required to execute simple to complex analysis,which are subsequently available for a printout or an export.

The Administration of reimbursements is handled through the dedicated area "Reimbursements" ,which displays all expense applications according to project,type and category.If an expense application was approved and if a reimbursements was performed,then these items can be marked accordingly.Based on the integrated workflow,each employee can always see the status of its expense application.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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    Secure transfer protocoll 256 Bit Password encryption

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    Security Password Required

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    High Security Data Center (Germany, Switzerland, USA)

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    Daily Backup of your data


Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application