• Easy project management with the Cloud
  • Visualize tasks and progress
  • Access worldwide
  • Share pin board with others
  • Individual configuration
  • Real time team collaboration
  • Security and reliability

Securely store your files online.

sem.Kanban is a smart visual project management application with real-time collaboration that allows teams to get work done faster. sem.Kanban helps companies visualize workflow,analyze and improve business process and reduce waste.


Individual Configuration

Each Kanban Board can be configured individually and thus be adapted to existing processes. With the initial configuration you can define and describe columns (status) and lines. It makes no difference whether a board contains a simple process like open, in progress and closed, or whether it contains more than 10 gradual changes in status.

Show and Hide

All columns and lines of any Kanban Board can be extended or reduced to guarantee the best overview. This function is also extremely helpful when a status contains more than one task. Show only the necessary column or line or the one you currently want to edit and hide all others.


Drag & Drop

The drag and drop function facilitates a very convenient way to manage your tasks and their status. Whenever a status changes, these changes can be easily dragged into the respective status column.

Colors and symbols

You can also assign colors to each task to mark categories or possible priorities. Especially for many tasks in one Kanban Board the color-coordinated differentiation is very helpful and provides a visual structure of your tasks.



Share Kanban Boards

With sem.Kanban you can share your Kanban Boards with other users of your Cloud Office according to your requirements. You can grant reading or writing permission to certain users or groups. This flexibility makes it possible to manage your own tasks with a private Kanban Board and at the same time to make available a team Kanban Board with access for a defined group of users only.

Up to date live information

When all team members have access to a predefined Kanban Project Board, you do not have to tediously assign project statuses to other users. The current status of the project can be viewed by every user with only a few clicks.


Live analysis

Sem.Kanban offers you various ways of analysis with the work in progress function. You can visualize the current status as well as the project history with a variety of diagrams, giving you a visual overview of the work pace and potential difficulties. According to your requirements, the period of evaluation can be selected individually to obtain even more accurate analysis and evaluation of your work status and productivity.

Free description fields

With sem.Kanban it is possible to define free description fields in order to individually add to existing attributes. You can activate up to five free description fields according to your requirements and activate them for entries like date, numbers, list entries or text.



Each Kanban Board can be configured individually in order to hide fields which are not required of have a lower priority at the time. This allows for a high level of flexibility concerning the board view and the options to display your tasks.


You can assign access rights to each individual Kanban Board to make a Kanban Board available to a defined group of people, for example for projects, task lists or general milestones. You can assign access rights to every user of a semYOU Cloud Office, both single users and groups. It is possible to assign three different access rights: read, write or administrator.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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    Secure transfer protocoll 256 Bit Password encryption

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    Security Password Required

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    High Security Data Center (Germany, Switzerland, USA)

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    Daily Backup of your data


Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application