• Central task management
  • Individually configurable
  • Flexible reports
  • Customizable folder structure
  • Detailed search options

Feature Overview

sem.TEAMTASK provides the most important functions for efficient and central management of tasks in teams. The modern and intuitive user interface guarantees easy operation and requires no extended familiarization period or training.


Task lists

Easily and centrally manage multiple projects with sem.TEAMTASK and access them from anywhere. Task lists define a project in sem.TEAMTASK and include a customizable folder structure for the storage and allocation of tasks. User rights make it possible to assign users and groups from the SEMYOU Cloud Office and to thereby provide distributed access in the company.

Create Tasks

Creating tasks is a central element in sem.TEAMTASK and they can be easily created in a folder via the action menu. Specify a name, define the priority, status, progress, start and end dates and the estimated cost. The side navigation menu allows for fast and easy switching between the folders, such as modules, departments, etc. Using the comment function, every user can save task-based comments such as remarks, instructions or dependencies. Files can be easily attached to a task via the action menu, which represents a substantial advantage, particularly in the case of more complex tasks and larger teams, when all information is centrally available.



Various search functions are available in sem.TEAMTASK for quickly retrieving the desired tasks. Predefined filters provide the option of quickly displaying recently closed or new tasks. Furthermore, filters such as "my tasks," "tasks assigned to me," "new tasks," etc. are also available. Flexible search queries, such as by user, status, progress, start and end date, can be created using the free text search.

Audit Trail

Via the audit function, all changes in sem.TEAMTASK are saved in detail so that every change can be seamlessly traced. This detailed logging represents a significant advantage particularly in the case of larger teams and many tasks, as it is quickly apparent for each task what was changed, when and by which user.



Reports are another important area of sem.TEAMTASK. All important information is depicted by project via four different diagrams. The task status in relation to the number of tasks is shown via a pie chart. Another pie chart displays the priority and/or status of tasks. The status progression of all tasks is displayed via a progress diagram, which allows performance in the project to be quickly measured.

Flexible Modification

sem.TEAMTASK can be specially modified to respective requirements, thereby allowing each task list to provide its own momentum. In addition to the standard fields in sem.TEAMTASK, dynamic fields can also be created for each task list. As a result of this flexibility, special fields (attributes) can be individually created and utilized for the description of tasks. These are then directly available to all users for task management.



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Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application