Private Cloud

The semYOU services can also be operated in a private cloud, creating a physical separation from all other systems. The private cloud represents its own hardware region in semYOU which is only ever available to one company. All semYOU related data and information is stored in this area and forms an autonomous unit with regard to security and data protection. This autonomous encapsulation provides the advantage of dedicated access to internal company data and information located in the cloud. Secure storage and access from anywhere is thoroughly guaranteed by the physical separation.


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semYOU Offers Microsoft AZURE

For its private cloud solution, semYOU relies on renowned partners like Microsoft, with its "Microsoft Azure" framework. As a result of this close collaboration with Microsoft, it is possible to provide a complete private cloud with semYOU services in less than 48 hrs. The scalability can be dynamically adapted as needed, making the use of a semYOU private cloud possible for small and medium-sized businesses, as well.

Advantages of semYOU Private Cloud

  • grafic_high
    High Performance

    By using semYOU services in a private cloud, performance can be adapted as needed. The highly dynamic scalability of this environment allows for a customized adaptation of performance and availability so that small as well as highly frequent queries can be made via the cloud software without problems. This flexibility makes it possible to start with a small configuration and to successively adapt it accordingly (number of users / software) as required. Anywhere is thoroughly guaranteed by the physical separation.

  • Private-Environment
    Private Environment for Your Company

    The private cloud from semYOU provides your own, personal infrastructure for your semYOU Cloud Office. The entire setup, configuration and support are taken on by semYOU and require neither cost nor effort on your part. You access your private semYOU Cloud Office via your own URL, such as https://YourCompany.semyou.com. With this private portal, you have access to all of the semYOU software products and information you have ordered. This provides your employees with a simple means for doing daily business in the cloud.

  • Scalability
    Scalability & Flexibility

    There are no limits to the flexibility and scalability of the private cloud. The private cloud from semYOU is suitable for small, medium and large businesses who want to take advantage of semYOU cloud services. With this variant, it is advisable to start at a small scale which can be increased at any time as needed, so that stress peaks in certain projects can be guaranteed with the same stability, as in normal operation.

  • Included
    Included Cloud Products

    The semYOU private cloud includes the same software products as the public cloud. Updated products or new products are likewise easy to manage via the administration console and can be assigned to specific users or groups. In the semYOU private cloud, there is also the option of providing your own developed applications in SL to all employees via the semYOU Cloud Office.