Welcome to SEMYOU

Welcome to SEMYOU

Welcome to SEMYOU the futures Cloud Office. SEMYOU provides multiple possibilities for you, to set your business within the Cloud.

SEMYOU provides a Cloud-Service framework, on the basis of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and includes a whole suite of Cloud applications that were created by ourselves, so you can use them depending on your demands.

You can rent different SEMYOU Cloud-APPS, through our own APP-Store, monthly and provide your employees direct access to them.

Next Steps

Is SEMYOU new to you? Then, start now, with the configuration of your own SEMYOU Cloud-Offices. The following articles will guide you, starting with the configuration up to how to use SEMYOU:

Your first SEMYOU steps
Configure SEMYOU with the Administration Console

Help us make SEMYOU better

The SEMYOU Team is open to any suggestions and given help, to make our applications better, increase our quality and even fit them more to our clients demands and needs. Do you have any suggestions making existing applications better or ideas for a new and helpful application, which would give a noteworthy advantage to your business? Then, please use the feedback-form to let us know.

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