Save time, money and resources by using SEMYOU and improve your competitiveness at the same time. Reach your ROI in less than 4 months by using the SEMYOU services.

"Flexible – Scalable – Effective - Cost Effective"

SEMYOU in Comparison

Do you want to introduce a new software product or change from a previous product? The following example provides a brief overview about the use of SEMYOU and the associated benefits and opportunities.

SEMYOU vs. Local IT-Infrastructure

  • With SEMYOU Services

  • Local IT-Infrastructure (Intranet)

  • Software
  • Using SEMYOU means that you do not purchase the software (Web apps) but you only lease the use for a certain time period and number of users.

  • Purchase of commonly used software products that will subsequently be integrated through the implementation phase into the company owned Intranet and the existing processes.

  • Ready for use/
  • Ready for use in less than 1 minute.
    After registration/order, SEMYOU is completely ready for use and is available immediately to all users. All ordered APP licenses can be used directly.

  • For the in-house IT infrastructure, it must be checked whether the software can be integrated into the existing environment and whether it is compatible. After this review, the phases order, implementation and software distribution can start, which are expensive and time consuming.

  • Installation costs
  • SEMYOU can be used immediately and an installation or a download of the software is not required. All services are available on demand independent whether you need one or 30 APPs from one or 500 users.

  • The integration of software into the existing IT infrastructure represents a huge challenge because quality, processes, compatibility, storage requirements, servers and the IT environment must be checked in advance.

    Afterwards, it is not guaranteed that the required software is compatible with the existing structure.

  • Hardware costs
  • When ordering the SEMYOU services, hardware does not concern you anymore, because you only pay for the software usage, since SEMYOU provides the required hardware.

  • It is not always possible to use the existing hardware for new software products because storage space and performance represent a problem.

  • No hardware administration
  • Hardware administration is not required for SEMYOU. State-of-the-art and secure hardware is always available to you for your software use.

  • Your local IT infrastructure needs its own administration, your IT department.

  • Daily backup
  • Your data is secure in SEMYOU. Your data is backed up several times daily and the data can be restored easily and fast in case of problems.

  • You are responsible for backup and restoring when using software in your own local IT infrastructure. Separate backup servers and storage spaces are required for this purpose, which creates costs for the acquisition and the maintenance.

  • Highly available environment (99.96%).
  • All SEMYOU products are highly available with a 99.96 % probability annually.

  • A redundant environment is required locally to prevent failures or to guarantee a high availability.

  • Safe access from anywhere
  • You have comfortable and safe access to all SEMYOU APPs from anywhere. Using the administration area, you can determine which users have access to which applications. The access can further be restricted to the IP address level, which means that only certain IP addresses or countries have an access option.

  • For access to your local IT infrastructure from the outside, expansive and expensive security measures are required, which cannot always be provided at short notice.

  • Can be canceled at any time.
  • All SEMYOU services are flexible, scalable and suitable for all requirements. It does not matter whether you need an APP for one month or 12 months, you determine the duration and therefore the price.

    Monthly cancellation is guaranteed!

  • Purchased hardware cannot be returned after use, but it exists until the end of the usage duration.

  • All software updates are included.
  • When working in SEMYOU, you will always work with the newest version of the APPs. Updates and installations are not required.

  • For conventional software, you must first purchase the updates and afterwards make them available to all users.

  • Agility
  • Increase your agility of your company with SEMYOU. React fast to changes and adapt your processes, software and communication fast and cost effective to new situations.

  • A fixed infrastructure provides only a limited dynamic adaptation of the company to the challenges and changes, because this always comes with costs and efforts.


The following examples show the low investments costs for SEMYOU when used by companies of different sizes. The scenarios show clearly that the investment costs for SEMYOU are minimal and that no long term dependencies and therefore risks are established due to the flexible service use.


More effort, great ROI



Use software cost effective, fast and independent

A small startup company with five employees needs a basic configuration of software products such as project management, calendar management and time recording.
Using SEMYOU, it is possible to start cost effective, independent and flexible into the future, and this directly.

Investment costs
  • Time recording

    5 x User

  • Project Management

    5 x User

  • Scheduler

    5 x User

  • Per Month $75

  • Per Month $95

  • Per Month $75

Per Month (SUM $ 245) Per Year (SUM $ 2940)


Lower your IT costs and increase your company’s agility

SEMYOU offers mid size companies a wide potential of opportunities. Whether for the basic software configuration of all employees or for individual projects, SEMYOU - with its flexible services - offers the required agility to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Investment costs
  • Time recording

    100 x User

  • Project Management

    25 x User

  • Scheduler

    100 x User

  • Per Month $1500

  • Per Month $475

  • Per Month $1500

Per Month (sum $ 3475)

Lower your IT costs by 60%

For daily use, SEMYOU offers more than 30 business software products.

SEMYOU offers optimal solutions even for large companies. Whether your needs are for international joint venture projects or for software products, each of SEMYOU APPs was designed for the enterprise use and they guarantee highest quality.

Investment costs
  • Time recording

    1000 x User


  • Project Management

    500 x User


  • Scheduler

    1000 x User


  • Per Month $10000

  • Per Month $7500

  • Per Month $10000

Per Year (SUM $ 330,000) Discount 60% ~ $198,000


The ROI is reached quickly due to a variety of factors, which are positively affected by the use of SEMYOU. Through minimum and calculable investments, it is possible to strengthen individual areas or the entire company in a targeted manner. Progress, optimization and effectiveness can be quantified easier due to the interdisciplinary transparency of expenditures and benefits, which justify the use of SEMYOU. Due to this flexibility, agility and transparency, SEMYOU provides an essential added value for each company size.

roi-effectOptimize your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Increase the speed of changes/adaptation Improved cost control Access to new knowledge through flexibility Fast provision of services Improved capacity utilization Risk and compliance improvement Dynamic & scalable use