Why SEMYOU for your enterprise

SEMYOU offers a variety of benefits in the areas of IT, costs, usage, efficiency, effectiveness and agility to support you to better prepare your company for the future. Based on the high flexibility and scalability, company and market changes do no longer represent a challenge.

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    Fully integrated Cloud Platform

    SEMYOU is more than a Cloud service and it represents a complete SaaS-Cloud platform. All SEMYOU products are fully integrated with each other and they guarantee a seamless interaction.

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    Over 25 Enterprise WEB APPS

    SEMYOU includes currently more than 25 business applications that can be used as required through the SEMYOU APP STORE. Our continuous development activities guarantee the availability of helpful business applications in the future.

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    No longer have to buy software

    The SEMYOU APPs are not purchased, only the specific use of the application by user has to be paid. Depending on the need, licenses can be ordered or canceled monthly.

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    High flexibility

    SEMYOU is highly flexible and scalable in all areas. Small, mid size and large companies can be supported easily by SEMYOU. Depending on the need, CLOUD-OFFICE can be adapted flexibly in the area of storage space, applications and licenses.

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    Work from anywhere

    You are completely flexible and location independent when using SEMYOU. You can access your data and applications easily and secure from any location. Through the administration panel, individual access directives can be defined on IP basis.

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    Only pay for Apps you use

    All licenses in SEMYOU are based on a monthly use fee by user. Depending on the need, APP licenses can be ordered or canceled. You pay only for what you actually use. Using the SEMYOU APP Store, you manage your well-arranged APP licenses and you can view current offerings and innovations.

  • 7

    Reduce your IT costs

    You can effectively reduce your IT costs by 40% - 65% by utilizing SEMYOU. You only pay for the software use and not for hardware, administration or support when using SEMYOU .

    SEMYOU minimizes your upfront cost, so you don't have to worry about hardware costs and software upgrades. You get enterprise-grade IT at a fraction of what it would cost to run it yourself.

  • 8

    Easy Administration

    The SEMYOU-Cloud-Office can be managed easily and centrally via the administration panel. The areas users, groups, licenses, APP store and security directives can be reached and configured clearly arranged via the navigation menu.

  • 9

    Small, mid-size and large enterprise

    Due to its scalability, SEMYOU is qualified for all company sizes. Small through mid-size to large companies with several thousand employees can be handled by SEMYOU without problems.


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