Manage, carry out, and record appointments

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Record project dates, customize the project status, and directly create and assign tasks

Plan appointments

Plan project appointments directly from within the project and connect them with other elements such as cornerstones, milestones, and quality-gates. Simply invite project participants to your appointment, define an agenda and send it automatically via E-mail.

Carry out appointments

Create your appointment and be guided through the appointment by an assistant. Specify the attendance of participants, capture all important information about every point of agenda, define tasks for project participants, and, if necessary, directly change the project status or the status of your cornerstones.

All important information about the project is directly available during the appointment.

Send an invite

Send the appointment details comfortably at the push of a button and notify all participants about the set points of agenda.

The E-mail invitation contains a calendar file with all information as an annex, which can simply be carried over by e.g. Microsoft Outlook.

Create tasks

Directly create tasks when carrying out appointments and assign them to your project participants. Define a priority for every task and define a date of completion.

Via the task-view, you have a complete overview on all tasks, their dates, and their respective status at all times.

Create follow-up appointments

Create follow-up appointments at the push of a button and automatically carry over all important details such as time, place, participants and points of agenda.

For reoccurring appointments, you can ensure that the same points of agenda are addressed every time and nothing important is left out.

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