SEMYOU with Chrome Devices

SEMYOU Cloud Office

Let’s face it, big PCs are going the way of the dinosaur.  And why wouldn’t they when the same big performance can be had in a smaller – less expensive – package.  Just as the dinosaur was replaced by smaller, more adaptable animals, most firms in the know have switched to thin clients or even laptops to keep their employees mobile and their business flexible and scalable.  What makes this revolution possible?  One word:  SEMYOU.

SEMYOU – a portmanteau of the words ‘semantic’ and ‘you’ – is a new kind of web usage and describes the full centralization of business information.  SEMYOU is a framework of services and software that incorporate advances in programming to produce Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).  These RIAs provide full functionality – just like current software – without the need to download, install, or even store anything onsite.  Each RIA can be started and run directly from the cloud.  The combination of cloud-based technology and SEMYOU allows for the seamless integration of employees (from the individual, to departments, to entire branches scattered across the globe) and customers (anywhere in the world) with the use of a secure, multi-faceted software suite.

PCs to Thin Clients and Beyond
Millions of years ago, a chance encounter with a meteor made it possible for mammals to become the dominant species on the planet.  Just a few short years ago, SEMYOU made it possible for thin clients (and laptops) to become the dominant digital resource in the 21st-century office.

While ‘laptop’ is certainly a familiar term to most of us, ‘thin client’ may be something of a mystery.  To put it simply, a thin client (also known as a slim client, zero client, or lean client) is a computer or program that depends almost entirely on a server to fulfill its role.  This is different from a more traditional PC (also known as a fat client) which is designed to take on these roles by itself.

Thin clients often occur as components of a broader infrastructure where many clients share resources on a single server. The most common type of thin client is a computer terminal which only provides a graphical user interface to the end user; all the number crunching and data processing for any number of users is done on a single server.

The benefits of this type of system are manifold.  Chief amongst those benefits is cost.  Working from a central server, end users can make use of less expensive (less powerful, less feature-rich) hardware because the bulk of the work is done elsewhere; the end-user’s hardware essentially functions as a monitor.

SEMYOU takes this concept and pushes it even further into the realm of savings and adds a healthy dose of mobility, flexibility, and scalability to boot.  SEMYOU frees your business from the stress and strain (both physical and financial) of maintaining its own servers and the software they contain.  SEMYOU provides the infrastructure (IaaS), the platform (PaaS), and the software (SaaS); all your business needs is a thin client (or a laptop) and an internet connection.

Think about that for a moment.  SEMYOU, an internet connection, and a $200 Chrome device (or possibly a ‘SEMYOU Book’?) that acts as little more than a web browser can provide you with the same functionality as thousands of dollars of PC (fat client) hardware.  What’s more, SEMYOU can be utilized to the same effect on tablets and phablets making it wholly integrable within your existing infrastructure.

Because it’s in the cloud, SEMYOU – and all your data and necessary applications -- can be accessed from anywhere, at any time making those late-night trips to the office a thing of the past.  And lest you think SEMYOU is less than flexible, rest assured that operating system doesn’t matter.  Windows, Linux, OS X, or something else?  SEMYOU knows no boundaries and can be accessed via the method of your choice.

SEMYOU even allows you to scale your usage to exactly the apps you need for your business at any given time.  This means that you can expand or contract as business demands saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually.  You can’t say that about the old way of doing things.

So don’t let your business go the way of the dinosaur.  Ride the wave of change generated by the impact of the cloud and SEMYOU into realms of adaptability and profitability that you never knew possible.  With SEMYOU, less (hardware) is truly more.