Welcome To Our New Blog

We take great pleasure in welcoming everybody to our new Blog. This is the place to check-out frequently for the best information and updates about the world of cloud computing. The office of the future is here now, and it is in the Cloud. SEMYOU has the experience and expertise to help you make the transition, and free up your IT resources to focus on what you do best, improve your bottom line.

You will find that our website is a real gem. It’s easy to navigate and is loaded with tons of information. SEMYOU is single-handedly revolutionizing conventional software operations through custom developed Apps designed to make your job easier and more fruitful. You will be using your local desktop PC and working in the Cloud, from anywhere, and all without the need to install software and tie-up your resources.

Users love our modern interface which gets them up and running in no time, and ready to produce a superior work product. It doesn’t take a programming genius to use our Apps, a simple Login is all that is required, and you are ready to get to work. Your teams can all Login and share data from anywhere on the planet.

You can look forward to reduced IT Costs. Our on-demand solutions from SEMYOU Cloud Office, infrastructures and software environments can be developed and provided with little expense. This translates into not having to adapt your existing infrastructure or any requirements of large investments. Your IT environments for the differing projects can be set-up quickly, and closed when completed. Forget about permanent contracts and sky-high fixed costs, they are a thing of the past.

SEMYOU will provide you with a unique desktop application that can be utilized to call-up all SEMYOU cloud products via any web browser. Your SEMYOU admin console will make it hassle-free to license any of our cloud applications, licenses can be easily increased or reduced according to the needs of your business. This special console will also make it easy to assign applications to individual employees. Updates are automatically made available to all employees upon the next login.

The office of the future is here now!

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