SEMYOU Presents The Cloud-Office of The Future - Creates New Paradigm In Cloud Computing

SEMYOU upgrades their platform to the HTML5 level. By incorporatingSaaS, Cloud Applications now accessible to everyone.

After much research and development, SEMYOU, under the leadership of Volker Jahns, has upgrade their platform to the HTML5 level, and has expanded their SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) offering. Besides providing various Cloud Applications, they have stepped to the forefront of Cloud App development, and now offer over 30 Cloud specific Apps. By utilizing the SaaS model, clients do not have to download any software, or use their computer’s resources which can slow down their work product. A single log-in gives users access to their own Admin Panel where they can manage their entire cloud-office and have access to the Cloud Apps.

SEMYOU makes Cloud-Services available anytime and any place. During a recent interview, Volker Jahns said: “Cloud Computing is more than Infrastructure and Platform. We provide the right software APP for each requirement.” Through innovation, they have been able to reduce client’s IT costs by up to 70%, with increased efficiency and more flexibility. All this and only one click away. The whole process is very user friendly and easy to navigate, taking only 1 minute to set-up, and with guaranteed secure access.

Every company has different software application requirements, this is why SEMYOU developed a multitude of Apps that can be chosen to fit the requirements. In some cases it may be a need for Project or Contract Management, in other cases a Task Manager or Voice Recording capabilities. Each App can be used individually or in concert with other Apps. The SEMYOU Cloud Office enables IT environments for varying projects to be quickly created and closed as required, and all without the usual lofty expenses or extensive contracts. This can all be accomplished without having to adapt one’s own IT infrastructure, or source out programming needs.