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The SEMYOU App Store Features SEMYOU Apps for all business needs

SEMYOU Cloud Office

The Cloud environment has much to offer, but it can also be a security risk. SEMYOU presents the Cloud-Office for business along with a complete suite of business Apps ready to go. This is an opportunity for enterprises to get into the cloud with no risk and in a highly secure environment. What SEMYOU has done is unprecedented in the IT world. They have developed Apps that are most often needed by businesses, and make it easy for any firm to launch their operations into the cloud. Access is any time and anywhere. No costly investments in software or hardware, IT costs go down, including support expenses.

Just as Apple brings Apps to all people, SEMYOU brings Apps to all businesses. Their Enterprise APP Store has everything for Communication, Collaboration and Management. SEMYOU offers what others in their industry do not, flexibility and scalability. Constant updating means users can react faster to market changes. This means that a small start-up can take just one simple APP, e.g. Task-Manager. An Enterprise company can set-up with ease an Absence-Management or Project-Management tool, and just one Click away. The way most IT departments in most firms are set-up makes it very involved and costly to  integrate a new system for a collaboration with a new business partner.  

The SEMYOU App Store and Enterprise Cloud Solutions provides different services for different business opportunities. ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning – Tools on a new dimension – direct out of the cloud. Through globalization, Enterprises are facing a new challenge. With the digitalization they have to work more efficient than ever before. Setting up an account has never been easier. Users have access to their own Administration Panel which enables them to manage their entire Cloud-Office while also having complete access to the SEMYOU specialized Apps. All this with Guaranteed Secure Access.