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Believe it or not, 70% of our time is spent in collaboration and communication.  It’s no wonder then, that collaboration is both the challenge and the goal of businesses large and small.  Collaboration and communication are so important that, once mastered (or at least tamed), they can transform business-as-usual into the efficient, streamlined entity you always knew it could be.

But it takes more than lofty ambitions to earn the ‘efficient’ moniker everyone is gunning for; it takes the right tool.  So much information is available at our fingertips that is quite easy to drown in the mass of data necessary to be successful in today’s business climate.  What’s more, that data glut is compounded exponentially when we factor in the communication between employees, teams, partners, suppliers, clients, and other important entities.  It’s easy to see that the right tool must certainly lend structure to this data, allow quick access, and – perhaps most importantly – make it easy to collaborate and communicate efficiently both inside and outside a company.

Sound like a tool that doesn’t exist?  In fact, it does exist and it’s waiting to usher you into the 21st century.  The tool that makes this all possible is SEMYOU.

SEMYOU – a portmanteau of the words ‘semantic’ and ‘you’ – is a new kind of web usage and describes the full centralization of business information.  SEMYOU is a framework of services and software that incorporate advances in programming to produce Rich Internet Applications (APPSs).  These APPSs provide full functionality – just like current software – without the need to download, install, or even store anything onsite.  Each APP can be started and run directly from the cloud.  The combination of cloud-based technology and SEMYOU allows for the seamless integration of employees (from the individual, to departments, to entire branches scattered across the globe) and customers (anywhere in the world) with the use of a secure, multi-faceted software suite.


SEMYOU makes it easy to organize the gigabytes of data (or is it terabytes of data?) you use on a daily basis.  SEMYOU also makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in that sea of information.  Once found, information can be shared between all applicable parties – whether inside the company or out.  Yes, SEMYOU gives you the opportunity to work together seamlessly without the need for elaborate communication technology.  All you need is an internet connection.

Small, midsize, and large firms can now concentrate on the work, not on the administration, thanks to SEMYOU’s suite of enterprise cloud apps that can be tailored to the specific needs of the business at any given time.  This means that a business can expand or contract the services and apps they use based on their needs at the time.  Do those needs change from one month to the next?  No problem.  SEMYOU is flexible and scalable enough to fit even the most rapidly changing sectors.  In fact, SEMYOU lets you choose the right service to fit the moment regardless of where or when that need arises.

And with simple set up (often taking one minute or less) and no fees to get started, SEMYOU makes it easy to be small today, large tomorrow, and small again the day after.  SEMYOU moves at the speed of your business providing you with the tools necessary to tackle even the biggest projects.

So get the exact services you need and make your (business) life easier:  Conquer the 70% of your business that deals with collaboration and communication while streamlining the 30% that doesn’t.  Let SEMYOU be your 100% solution.