It’s Time To Take Your Business Onto The Cloud

Take Your Business Onto The Cloud

Everybody is talking about the cloud and its many benefits. Some companies are pondering if it is time to make the move. Others are hesitant because they think it will be a daunting task. Relax, SEMYOU makes the transition hassle-free, at the same time freeing-up your IT resources. The SEMYOU cloud is full of its own resources, this is a true SaaS environment. Besides IaaS and PaaS, SEMYOU has its own App Store, where you will find 30+ custom developed apps to simplify all your tasks.

Imagine, there are no installations to perform, no software to download. It’s all on demand, just one click away. Fully scalable and flexible, and pay as you go, no lengthy contracts to sign. Perhaps you only want to move part of your business onto the cloud, no problem, you can always scale it up anytime. Companies save substantial dollars on IT costs with the SEMYOU cloud services. No hardware costs, and all software is always the most recent version.

Being on the cloud is a great move, but it must be a secure cloud. Be cautious about moving your data to just any old cloud service. Explore their security protocols before you make the leap. SEMYOU employs the latest high-tech security protocols to ensure that your data is secure and free of hack-attacks, or any other data breaches. You are entitled to be able to sit down in front of your computer and work without the fear of losing your data. Data is safe with SEMYOU. SEMYOU offers so much more than just modern cloud software, but also the data handling, management and administration behind it.

When you are part of the SEMYOU cloud, you will have access to the most innovative apps you have ever seen. Now you will be able to choose the exact app that fits your needs, instead of trying to use a standard product with limited functionality. Remember, they do not have to be installed, downloaded, or complexly configured. Each piece of cloud software (app) can be used separately or in connection with other apps. The SEMYOU App Store will open up a whole new world to you and your staff. Here you will find such topics as: Task Management, Meeting Logs, Project Planners, Online Scheduler, Employee Absence & Illness Management, Databases, Kanban- Boards, Mind Maps, Expense Management, Project Time Recording, Cloud Storage and many more.

SEMYOU task specific cloud apps turn work into fun!