SEMYOU – Your Gateway to the Green Cloud

Green Cloud

The cloud is coming.  In fact, many argue that the cloud is already here and growing larger by the day.  SEMYOU would agree with that later statement.  Still, for some sectors (i.e., business), the cloud is a relatively nebulous concept that may or may not have an application in daily activity.  But it is precisely this daily activity that the cloud is set to revolutionize as more and more businesses see the benefits of this new paradigm.

What is the cloud?

The cloud – a shortened form of cloud computing – is the practice of employing a centralized data center to process and store information so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  But this definition doesn’t do the concept justice because it sounds too similar to what many businesses already do:  operate their own data center for precisely this purpose.  In actuality, the cloud is the consolidation of many smaller, individually-run data centers into larger, shared data centers that serve multiple businesses.  Software, storage, services, and much more are provided online to users who can access their data whenever and wherever it suits them.  This is what SEMYOU does best – put the cloud to work for businesses large and small.

At its heart, SEMYOU is a suite of Rich Internet Applications (APPs) that provide full functionality – just like current software – with all the benefits of cloud hosting that were discussed above.  What’s more, the only-pay-for-what-you-need nature of cloud computing can more directly affect your bottom line by allowing you to pick and choose only the applications you need for your business while still giving you the opportunity to expand or contract those choices in the future.

“What about access?” you may ask.  SEMYOU is ready when you are, wherever you are.  SEMYOU guarantees data access any time of the day or night.  All you need is an internet connections.

But there’s more to the cloud than just data access and convenience.  The cloud has the potential to save millions – if not billions – of dollars over the long haul by impacting something that is on everyone’s mind these days:  the environment.

What is the green cloud?

The green cloud is a buzzword that refers to the potential environmental benefits that information technology (IT) services delivered over the internet can offer society.  At first glance, it might be hard to fathom how the cloud can have environmental benefits but consider (you might want to sit down for this):  A recent study conducted and funded by some of the biggest names (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Northwestern University, and Google) estimates that moving common business software applications (those used by 100 million U.S. workers) to the cloud could save enough electricity annually to power Los Angeles for a year.

That’s a pretty significant savings!  And a piece of that savings can be yours when you put the green cloud to work for you using SEMYOU as your gateway.  SEMYOU places great importance in their corporate social responsibility and a large part of their mission is to provide environmentally friendly solutions for data management through a framework of services and software.  They take this responsibility very seriously.

Here’s how SEMYOU and the green cloud impact your business and the environment.

What does the green cloud mean for you?

1)  Equipment efficiency
– This goes back to the old adage to do one thing and do it well.  Large data centers focus on hosting the cloud.  They’re not trying to sell anything or manufacture anything.  All they do is manage servers.  This allows them to provide the most efficient equipment and save energy at the same time.  SEMYOU’s suite of applications and services is hosted on these efficient servers so the cost savings can be passed on to you.

2)  Climate control – Servers need controlled temperature and humidity to operate at peak levels and large data centers focus on getting the most out of their equipment by utilizing more efficient layouts that smaller data centers may have trouble implementing.  SEMYOU’s data center is optimized to ensure peak server operation.

3)  Flexibility in resource allocation – A smaller, in-house data center will likely need extra servers in order to handle peak data loads.  Cloud providers, on the other hand, can shift resources as necessary to maximize server use.  SEMYOU works to allocate resources where they are needed, when they are needed to handle even the highest loads.

4)  Fewer servers – A small-business server is very much like a brain:  only 10% of it is really being used.  Cloud servers however, can reach utilization rates of up to 70% so shared data centers can employ fewer machines yet achieve the same capacity. SEMYOU operates less servers while getting the most out of the servers they do have.  This is like getting the most miles (or kilometers) per gallon from your car.  When your car is running as efficiently as possible, you save money because you use less gasoline.  SEMYOU works to make this a reality.

To put it simply, SEMYOU and the green cloud can save you money by eliminating the maintenance and operation costs of the servers necessary for a data center.  And because many businesses make use of the green cloud, the fees involved are a fraction of what you would pay to maintain your own system.

SEMYOU implements their corporate social responsibility by going beyond mere compliance.  They engage in actions that further social good beyond the interests of the business and that which is required by law.  So be part of the revolution and take advantage of the savings by moving your IT to the cloud.  Let SEMYOU help your business step into the future today.