SEMYOU Everywhere – A Revolution In Cloud Computing


Business is changing.  It’s an understatement, yes, but one that needs to be expressed.  Because, even though the exchange of goods and services will outlive us all, the methods by which we currently conduct that vital industry are undergoing a drastic transformation.

Businesses are no longer burdened by such once-vital determiners as location, technology infrastructure, and data access.  And this new “unburdened” paradigm isn’t just reserved for large businesses with capital to burn.  No, start-ups and midsize companies of all sorts are leveraging the same technology as Fortune 500 companies to simplify their business model, keep their interests mobile, and make their business more agile.  The technology that makes this all possible is cloud computing and the SEMYOU platform.

Under the old paradigm (or business model), companies administrated hardware and software needs on their own.  This could become very expensive very quickly and sometimes failed to address the new, more mobile nature of employees and clients and the need for data access anywhere, anytime.  SEMYOU – a portmanteau of the words ‘semantic’ and ‘you’ – is a new kind of web usage and describes the full centralization of business information.  SEMYOU allows for the seamless integration of employees (from the individual, to departments, to entire branches scattered across the globe) and customers (anywhere in the world) with the use of a secure, multi-faceted software suite.

The flexible nature of SEMYOU is another advantage that makes it ideal for start-ups, midsize companies, and even large businesses looking to grow and expand in a way that suits their own unique situation.  SEMYOU gives businesses the option to choose only the applications that are necessary at any given time but still provides plenty of room for expansion whenever the need arises.  This allows businesses to start small and grow fast without the need for costly hardware and software licenses that can really cut into a bottom line.  With nothing more than an off-the-shelf desktop and an internet connection, businesses can tailor their resources, pay only for what they need, and expand or contract as necessary.

But don’t think of SEMYOU as just software or just a service.  No, SEMYOU is a framework of services AND software that incorporate advances in programming to produce Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).  These RIAs provide full functionality – just like current software – without the need to download and install.  Each RIA can be started and run directly from the cloud.

Benefits – some already mentioned but worth repeating – include:


-Access SEMYOU – and your data – anywhere, anytime for a truly flexible and mobile work environment.

-Move (your workspace, your office, your department, even your headquarters) easily with SEMYOU.All data and software are in the cloud so it’s simply a matter of picking up your computer, moving it to another location, and plugging it back in.

-Grow without hardware changes.Sure you may need to upgrade your computers when the need arises but SEMYOU requires no specialized equipment.

-Security issues are a thing of the past.SEMYOU incorporates the highest security standard ever created to ensure that your data and your business are protected.

-SEMYOU makes collaborating easy.Bring together employees, partners, customers, suppliers, and anyone else you can think of in one place, using one platform.

-Integration of multiple locations is no longer a concern as SEMYOU is the common process through which everyone works.Compatibility issues are no longer a concern.

So whether you’re a business of one or one thousand, SEMYOU is the cloud computing platform that can make your business run smoothly.  Take advantage of this flexible cloud solution and make your business the streamlined, agile animal that you always knew it could be.