The Cambridge University research, in partnership with Undo Software, estimated that businesses around the world spend $312 billion annually to debug softwares. The bitterer pill to swallow is that 50% of that cost actually goes to developers having to spot bugs on their own which is, based on the research, an inefficient way of debugging a software. That estimate, however, only computes the direct cost such as the manpower it takes to debug a software, computer hours, electricity consumed and others. It did not take into consideration the potential businesses that companies lose when there are bugs in their software.

There is also the executive time devoted to managing these projects. This may be especially relevant if you are a website development company. Imagine developing 5 websites and you have developers scattered around the world. As you QA each of the site, you take note of the bugs and then set up an online meeting with the developers to discuss the bugs. The time difference in itself will cause some delay. There is also the executive time, yours and the developer, which is a cost often overlooked.
sem.ISSUE TRACKER is designed to eliminate:

•    Excessive executive time devoted to meetings, conferences and other forms of communications
•    Redundancy of work and outputs
•    Miscommunication and mismanagement development projects
•    Unnecessary priorities or tasks

All these have a corresponding financial cost. Time saved from eliminating meetings may be devoted to getting new accounts or designing new processes to save on production or manufacturing cost. Miscommunication saves programmers from implementing designs or features that will get disapproved or aren’t necessary anyway.

sem.ISSUE TRACKER Debugs Processes, Floor Plans,  Designs and Others

sem.ISSUE TRACKER isn’t only for software development. It is designed to make quality control of any project easier. Assuming you are running an architectural firm. One of your architects submits a blueprint. You and/or other partners or managers can look at the blueprint and immediately submit your comments or suggestions. You can create the task and assign it to the architect. If someone else submits a comment that conflicts yours, the conflict is immediately spotted, discussed and addressed. There is no need to call for a meeting, wait for someone’s availability before issues are addressed.
The same thing is true if you are designing and manufacturing apparels and accessories. You can take a look at designs or prototypes and create a task to revise designs, add new designs, suggest betters ways to engineer the materials and others. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, people concerned will see the tasks you created and act on it immediately. No excuses.
This is even appropriate for process flows. Assuming you are designing a process flow, you can easily see the possible areas redundancy, bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. Using the sem.ISSUE TRACKER, you can easily post these concerns to the team or to a team member. You can put in the details of each comment or task you create, attach documents, images and other files you see fit.

Project Status

The blue screen of death.
Everyone who has used a PC would know just how dreaded, irritating and insurmountably stupid the blue screen of death is. It is the one thing you don’t want to see. It is the one thing you just wish Windows can get rid of. It is a testament of everything Windows did and is still doing wrong.
So when Bill Gates demonstrated Windows 98 and got a blue screen of death, it immediately became the epitome of everything that’s wrong in developing projects.
Obviously, Gates recovered from that embarrassment but the same cannot be said for other businesses where every project or presentation would mean payroll and bills for next month.
sem.ISSUE TRACKER is designed to provide you with an easy way to track the status of each task, fix or suggestion. It can alert you when you are less than 24 hours away from presenting it and you still have 7 bugs to fix. You can alert everyone concerned if you are flying halfway across the world to meet a major investor for what could be the biggest shopping mall in the State and you haven’t addressed the client’s request of calculating the possibility of exclusively using solar power to run the whole mall.
sem.ISSUE TRACKER saves you from embarrassment by making your process more efficient and forcing everyone to be more diligent.

All Files in One Place

Projects come with a lot of documents. Developing a simple website already entails pegs and images that clients will provide. There are meeting notes, visual inspirations, budget allocation and text and image content that must be uploaded.
sem.ISSUE TRACKER will manage all these documents in one place which makes it easier to spot conflicts, redundancies and missing documents. One of the most common problems of putting any sort of project together is when too many people have their own ideas and too many people are giving different, too much or conflicting orders. Through sem.ISSUE TRACKER, everyone involved in a project will easily spot duplications and address it accordingly.
All documents or files will also be archived. If for any reason you need to go back to the history of project, especially if there are disputes, sem.ISSUE TRACKER will label each document with dates which allows for tracking files that were submitted and who submitted it.

sem.ISSUE TRACKER Recognizes Problems Towards a Solution

Last year, Sony experienced one of the biggest hacks in the history hacks. A deeper examination of the issue brought to light the actual problem of Sony. Although a faulty code is a problem, it could have been easily addressed had there been an active problem solving culture. No one took the time to call the attention of anyone when problems were spotted. No one was critical about the design.
The collaborative and real-time nature of sem.ISSUE TRACKER allows you and everyone else with access to the platform to spot a problem and makes it easier to come up with a solution. It hastens development process too by making everything transparent which promotes accountability. Sem.ISSUE TRACKER helps your company avoid situations like Sony and the Blue Screen of Death.