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Keep your portfolio on track from forecasting and planning to accounting and closure.

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Align your portfolio with your business strategy


Strategic portfolio alignment

Prioritize projects according to corporate strategies and business goals. Free up financial and human resources to help ensure successful project execution.

Manage hundreds of projects in your portfolio and map them in a clear annual plan.

Capacity planning

Keep track of your available capacity and schedule them intelligently. Visual input assistants support you in cross-project capacity planning and administration.



Live evaluations at the touch of a button. Analyze your project portfolio live at any time and recognize possible bottlenecks and risks at an early stage.

Easily evaluate projects, project types, resource pools, and capacities based on different charts.

Resource pools

Flexible planning via. Resource pools. Create resource pools in your portfolio that describe either a topic or a field of activity. These high-level resource pools then serve as a basis for capacity planning.

Project types

Give your portfolio an individual structure. Classify your projects according to individual project types in order to evaluate them even better.

Enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability

Leverage enterprise grade security, compliance, and manageability capabilities, including built-in information protection, secure guest access, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Designed for the individual Scaled for the enterprise

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