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SEMYOU is a global provider of Cloud-Services for business clients; provides its own flexible, and price competitive Cloud-Applications.

The SEMYOU Cloud-Office presents a kind of a Cloud-Applications framework, which can be used quickly and conveniently, depending on your needs.

Depending on demand it is possible to create, in just a couple of minutes, a complete Software-Infrastructure for projects, clients, teams, or vendors. The SEMYOU APP-Store,offers diverse SEMYOU-Cloud-APPS, like Project-Management, Time-Registration, Planning-Tools, etc.

Any SEMYOU-App can be ordered by subscription directly, and individually. Besides that, it is only valid as long as you need it. 

The term "Cloud" is a commonly used description, for Web-Based IT-Services, which are hosted outside your organization. When you use services, which are Cloud-Based, your IT-Infrastructure is located somewhere outside your premises, and is hosted by a third party, instead of using servers which you host yourself inside your establishment, or locally at home.

For example, SEMYOU Cloud-Office uses Data Storage and Data Processing remotely on servers, which are hosted and administered by SEMYOU; on these the Software is located, too. Many services that you use daily, are located within the Cloud of Web-Based E-Mail systems, through online banking systems, up to saving photos online. Because this Infrastructure is located online, or “within a Cloud”, you are able to connect with your PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other device that has an Internet-Connection, wherever you are. 

SEMYOU provides its own Cloud-Applications, for different functions within an organization like, e.g. Project-Management, Time-Registration, Planning-Tools, etc. In total, there are more than 30 Applications available, which can be used for different purposes.

The so-called SEMYOU APPS are available, in its own SEMYOU App-Store, and can be used depending on your demand. 

You will need a continually functioning Internet-Connection, to use SEMYOU, because the Apps are not stored locally, but are hosted within the SEMYOU Cloud.

Therefore, you are always working with the SEMYOU APPS most recent version, and do not have to download, or install any new updates.

You do not have to install anything, to use SEMYOU Cloud-Office. All SEMYOU services are within the Cloud, and can be accessed directly with any Web-Browser.

To use SEMYOU services, you just need a SEMYOUuser account, which you create, and setup in only a couple of steps.

SEMYOU has a contract period of 30 days (1 month), and can be cancelled every month. Besides monthly subscriptions, there are subscriptions that have longer contract periods, which can be cancelled after the correspondent time.

SEMYOU uses most modern hardware, software, and operation techniques, and provides a setting that is highly available with a 99.5% availability guarantee.

High security access

Your SEMYOU Cloud-Office is protected, through many safety precautions, and cannot be accessed by strangers.Through the SEMYOU Cloud-Office Administration you are able to set different safety levels for your Cloud Office, likeaccess restriction, password-complexity, and password-renewal-intervals, etc.

You are the only person who has complete access to your SEMYOU Cloud-Office, and the data saved within it.



SEMYOUs top priority is Data-Security. Every data, and information is encrypted with most modern techniques, and is saved in high security Data-Centers. Everydata is saved within set time periods, and is also safe in the event of an unforeseen natural disaster. 

SEMYOU provides two different kinds of Cloud usages, the private, andthe public Cloud. The Public-Cloud describes the collaborative use of SEMYOU Services, and is suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

The Private-Cloud is an additional service, provided by SEMYOU, and describes your own private cloud environment. This environment is completely separated, and is only accessible by you. 

With SEMYOU you are the one who decides which application, you want to use for how long. In this regard it does not matter, if you want to use only one APP, or all APPS, provided by SEMYOU.

In the SEMYOU – APP Store, you can use exactly the application you need right now, for your current demand. 

Generally SEMYOU is set for any business sizes.The scalable, and flexible structure, on which SEMYOU is based, makes it irrelevant, if you want to make an SEMYOU application accessible to 10, or 10’000 users.

Currently we cannot provide the possibility to integrate your own applications with SEMYOU. SEMYOU is only available for SEMYOU applications.

The subscription price includes all updates, and changes. With SEMYOU you always use the newest APP version, without you having to execute an installation, or download.

Yes. There are discounts for SEMYOU Enterprise-clients (usually they own 250, or more licenses). A SEMYOU-Expert can help you to go through different purchase options for big businesses, with the goal to determine which option is most suitable for you.

Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your SEMYOU subscriptions, your data will be completely erased. 

Every SEMYOU application (APP) is ordered through its own subscription-model, and functions completely self-managed. You can manage your subscriptions separated from each other, convenient and flexible, i.e., depending on your own demand, you can cancel, expand, or buy new subscriptions.

SEMYOU offers a free 30 day trial period. Register in a few simple steps to test all SEMYOU Cloud APPs.

In order to test SEMYOU you will need to create a new user account by clicking “register”. After the successful registration you will receive an email you have to confirm in order to activate your user account.

Supported Desktop Browsers

Desktop Browser

SEMYOU – General












No full support guaranteed



No full support guaranteed




  • Browsers in beta stage are not supported;
  • Internet Explorer compatibility modes are not supported. These modes can exhibit different behavior and rendering bugs, compared to the browser versions they emulate.


SEMYOU uses progressive enhancement for its CSS styling. As a result, old and obsolete browsers may ignore CSS3 styles, such as rounded corners and linear gradients.

You can order all semYOU applications via the semYOU Cloud Office. The semYOU Cloud Office is an administrative interface to fully manage your Cloud Office. Besides the administration of user, group and access rights, you can order and manage applications, licenses and further semYOU services in the menu under “store”.

The minimum duration of the contract is 30 days. It doesn’t matter which applications or licenses you ordered. You can easily manage all purchased applications and licenses via the SEMYOU Cloud Office. 

Adding further licenses or cancelling existing licenses is possible at any time. Via the SEMYOU Cloud Office you can add new licenses of a particular application in a few simple steps or cancel the ones you no longer need with only one click.

With SEMYOU, your data is in professional hands. The configuration of the implemented, multi-level redundant storage solution provides a high degree of security and accessibility. Your data will be stored in our certified IT-centres. We offer you modern, fast and secure technologies for your Cloud Office.

SEMYOU is of course connected to international glass fibre networks. The high performance network guarantees the best performance for your Cloud Office. The reliability of the network is secure even during peak loads due to multiply redundant cables.

Data-Center:                 Germany
Data Protection Act:     TheEU dataprotection regulationis valid

No there is no minimum or maximum number of users in semYOU. Every Cloud Office can be used with one or one thousand users.

For a greater number of users or special wishes concerning the combination of your applications, we can make you an individual offer. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

All SEMYOU services can be purchased with credit card or PayPal. We support MasterCard and Visa. For larger sums we also offer you to purchase on account.