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ONe Service, many opportunities

semYOU offers businesses a new, unique option for cloud utilization. Whether for small/medium businesses or large companies, semYOU offers the right software for every need.



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It does not matter if you have 5 users or 500th, if you use 1 or 30 apps.

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The software products from semYOU represent a new generation of cloud software which do not need to be installed nor downloaded, but which provide the comfort of an Office application. All software products can be called up and used via the web browser, with only one click. This seamless integration increases your flexibility and reduces your costs, while application remains the same.


Setting up user and groups

Manage your users and
groups centrally and easily

The user and groups management is a primary element of the administration console and the basis of the Cloud Office. Seamlessly integrated in all semYOU Cloud products, this area is the central administration unit which helps you to easily and comfortably manage a team of either 10 or 1000 persons.


semYOU's Cloud - Desktop

Your personal cloud desktop! Over the desktop you have access easily to your apps and information


ONe Cloud Solution, many opportunities


Varied Use Guaranteed


It doesn't matter whether the semYOU Cloud Office will be used by only one team with one application or whether all of your employees use the cloud apps; through its scalability, semYOU offers the right solution for every situation and can be configured as needed.

In only a few steps, you can cre-ate any number of "Cloud Offices" in semYOU and thereby provide an internationally distri-buted team with a platform for working collaboratively on pro-jects, files and more. With the semYOU cloud administration console, users, groups, apps and the related permissions can be simply and easily administered.

If you would like to provide customers with simple access to certain projects or file storage locations, this can be done in just a few steps via a new group definition, and is immediately available. The administration console is likewise used for security settings and managing licenses, and can take place from anywhere.